I was going to name this domain something else, but when I accessed the provider I found that the name was already taken...so I had to think of something quickly. A freind of mine runs a site called top walks, so being a keen walker too, I thought maybe happy walks - but that turned out to be a site for dogs, so I turned it around to walkhappy. So it's meaningless.... but hey, walkhappy could be a philosophy, a state of being, a way of life, a way to inner truth! So here are some

Reflections on walking

If you are not bothered then it's just a place to put some stuff including my home page:

Martin Whittle

which describes the research I've worked on over a number of years.

The last piece I did was about the detection of deforestation. Given the importance of this problem to all of us I was particularly happy to make even a small contribution. Clearance of the world's primary tropical forests causes a very significant annual loss of biomass to atmospheric carbon dioxide and the destruction of irretrievable biodiversity. Spacebourne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images are unaffected by cloud cover and potentially provide an excellent system for measuring forest change in the tropics, where optical imagery is frequently obscured by cloud, as long as they can give sufficiently accurate estimates of deforestation and forest degradation. This link:  Remote Sensing and Tropical Deforestation  gives a brief description of the work.

This link: SAR and Deforestation   provides further information, including notes on the methods used and freely available computer code.